To you

2012-03-23 05.18.12

One step forward, one step back, ongoing this plan of attack.

I breathe, I forsake the very breath that I take. Just want to end

the pain of this life of strain. I travel only to find myself, to take a break

from the mistake, the blessing of previous resting. A tiny soul calls out

as I weep in the deep of my sleep. Love at first glance, I never stood a chance.

Willing to make room for this child of a foreign womb. A mother keeps her away

for fear that she will go astray and once again be lost in legal cost.

I don’t know what to do, how to act, what to say in order to play, to listen and

be at a father to my daughter. I call out to you to let you know that I love, I care,

I am ready to accept you and offer myself in all regards. My daughter, my love,

my pain, my gain, my everything, I yearn for you because I cannot sleep, I cannot

rest until you have my best, until I show you that I left out of fear because what I

held dear collapsed under the weight of empty promises. I have grown, I have shown

that no matter what I cannot forget that because of me, you exist and now because of

you, I exist.





A way with words

Dark and dreamy, soft and creamy says the wishes of the dreamer.

To be hard as stone and soft as sand seems unlikely but expected in this age of man.

A delusional interpretation for the meaning is mending heart and mind. To have balance.

Tornadoes are but wind without the calm steadiness of the eye.